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EMC offers ex stock biologically active peptides and respective control peptides.
All peptides are provided as lyophilised powders. They are characterised by RP-HPLC and ESI mass spectrometry.

The EMC Biochemicals catalogue includes:

  • Amyloid-β-peptides
    Characteristic of Alzheimer disease is the accumulation of amyloid plaques in the brain. The major components of these plaques are 39-42 residue-long amyloid-β-peptides, which form insoluble fibrils via self-assembly.
    Our catalogue includes amyloid-β-peptides, control peptides, biotinylated amyloid-β-peptides and peptide inhibitors.

  • Immunologically active peptides
    - Peptides for multiple sclerosis research (MOG, MBP, PLP)
    - MHC-I restricted peptide epitopes (Ova257-264 SIINFEKL, LCMV GP33-41, HCV-NS5b, Melan-A, and others).
    - MHC-II restricted peptide epitopes (PADRE, Ova323-339 ISQAVHAAHAEINEAGR)

  • Cell penetrating peptides (CPPs)
    CPPs are characterised by their ability to promote receptor-independent cellular uptake of membrane-impermeable macromolecules. They are mostly amphipathic, higly cationic and rich of arginigne and lysine.
    Our catalogue includes Arg9, D-Arg9, TAT47-57, D-Tat47-57, TAT48-60, Antenapedia43-58 and CyLoP-1.

  • Microbial and antimicrobial peptides (AMPs)
    see "Anti-infectives."

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